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Fresh from the Garden Patch

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Garden Salad $3.99 each
Crisp greens and vegetables served with your choice of dressing

Chef Salad $9.99 each
Crisp greens, vegetables, hard boiled eggs, ham, turkey, and cheese served with your choice of dressing

Tuna or Turkey Salad Platter $11.99 each
Our own tuna or turkey salad surrounded by a medley of fruits and vegetables

Asian Chicken Salad $11.99 each
Crisp greens topped with grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles, almonds, and Penn Alps White Dressing

Grilled Chicken Salad $11.99 each
Fresh greens, tomato, cheese, cucumbers, topped with grilled chicken

Steak Salad $12.99 each
Fresh greens, cheese, tomato, cucumbers, sweet peppers, onions, french fries, topped with steak