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Groups & Catering


Looking for a new place to have a private party, banquet or meeting? Penn Alps Restaurant provides a beautiful, quiet, private setting with quick unobtrusive service so that your guests can relax. We have a variety of rooms available with no room charge* in which we are able to accommodate anywhere from 20 to 150 guests.

We provide free WI-FI to all of our guests!

*There is no room charge when ordering a meal

*Subject to a room charge after 3 hours

We want to make your special event or meeting memorable and worry free!

Call us at 301-895-5985 to reserve the date for your event!



During the cold weather enjoy a roaring fire in our historic fireplace.
Seats 80



Enjoy this cozy room with friends/family or business associates.
Seats 40



Original room from the 19th century stagecoach stop, Little Crossing Inn.
Seats 30



One of the original rooms of the Little Crossings Inn. Upstairs.
Seats 30

Great Hall


Our largest and newest meeting room. Upstairs.
Seats 150

Private Buffets Available Monday - Thursday

If you have 20 or more guests (children under 12 not included), Penn Alps Restaurant provides several different meal options which are listed below.

The following options are available:

Fri, Sat & Sun 11am-Closing


1. Country Buffet:

$20.98 + $1.25 (tax) + $4.19 (tip) = $26.42 (#27B)

Children: $11.98 + $.71 (tax) + $2.39 (tip) = $15.08 (10 & under) (#22)

The country buffet includes 3-4 entrees, 4 or more side dishes; homemade soup and salad bar, homemade breads and a variety of desserts including hand dipped ice cream.

Every day, 11am - Closing


2. Soup, Salad, & Dessert Bar:

$13.98 + $.83 (tax) + $2.79 (tip) = $17.60 (#120A)

Children:  $7.98  + $.47 (tax) + $1.59 (tip) = $10.04

For a lighter meal, try this package! 

The following are available Mon - Thu, 11am - Closing


in the Great Hall with a minimum of 50 guests:


3. Penn Alps Special Buffet:

$21.98 + $1.31 (tax) + $4.39 (tip) = $27.68 (#10A)

Choose from the list below: 2 entrees, three side dishes, and a side salad bar and dessert variety.

4. Penn Alps Select Buffet:

$16.99 + $1.01 (tax) + $3.39 (tip) = $21.39 (#4A)

Choose from the list below: one entree, two side dishes, and a salad bar and dessert variety.

5. Penn Alps Choice Buffet:

$18.99 + $1.13 (tax) + $3.79 (tip) = $23.91(#2A)

Choose from the list below: two entrees, two side dishes, and a salad bar and dessert variety.

Entree Dishes:

Baked Chicken, Baked Fish, Baked Ham, Fried Chicken, Roast Beef, Roast Pork, Roast Turkey,

Side Dishes:

Baked Apples, Corn, Green Beans, California Blend, Fried Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy, Baked Potato, Sauerkraut

Bread and Beverage included with all Buffets.

6. Pennsylvania Dutch Buffet:

$19.99 + $1.19 (tax) + $3.99 (tip) = $25.17(#3A)

Turkey Pot Pie with Biscuits
Smoked Sausage
Baked Chicken
Dutch Fried Potatoes
Green Beans
Salad, Bread, and dessert varieties