At Stanton's Mill, we grind wheat and other grains between mill stones with stones we grind at lower temperatures than modern milling methods, yielding products of superior taste, texture, and nutritional value. Our traditional approach adds no chemicals or preservatives that change the composition and the texture of our food products. We do not heat, treat or fumigate our products.

Today most flours labeled as "stone ground" are not stone ground. Few distributors of products so labeled will permit you to watch them grind flour; instead they produce flour from modern roller mills and then falsely repackage it for sale as "stone ground". Phony "stone ground" flour can be found on the shelves of many retailers.

Come to Grantsville, Md at Stanton's Mill. You will see real old time milling with stones.

Thomas Stanton conveyed water privileges for a grist mill at this site in March 1797 to Jesse Tomlison. In the same year Tomlison built a two story mill here. Portions of the original mill stand today within the right bay of the current three bay structure.

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